Combining mystical elements with a post industrial fantasy

Campbell’s friends said Jahiant’s life was taken, but not his dignity.”He died a man, living, serving the principles that he held dear to his heart,” said Wiens.Campbell was buried at Dale Cemetery on Old Montreal Road.Sat, 6 Jul 2019 15:04:00 0400Sat, 6 Jul 2019 17:20:00 0400Ontario’s sport minister has apologized for “inappropriate remarks” she made to the owner of the Ottawa Senators at a Rolling Stones concert.Eugene Melnyk had accused Ontario’s Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport Lisa MacLeod of launching into a “vulgar and profane” attack at the show near Barrie, Ont., last Saturday.Calls are growing for her to step down after she apologized to Melnyk for the incident.”I regret my inappropriate remarks and apologize for them. I have spoken with Mr. Melynk, offered to meet him and would be happy to do so anytime.”Melnyk alleges he was on the receiving end of a profanity laden rant from the provincial minister, telling the Ottawa Citizen that MacLeod burst through the crowd and accosted him yelling: “I am your minister and you’re a f ing piece of s t and you’re a f ing loser’.”MacLeod tweeted to “set the record straight” early Friday.”I have serious concerns about the state of our beloved Ottawa Senators! We need to get our team back on the road to winning the cup!”.

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