“There’s no serious discussion about how we’re actually going

Rubio seemed to have some veryprincipled objections to Tillerson. The senator from Florida, after all, is a foreign policy hawk who has long been wary of Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin. And Tillerson’s ties to Russia and how that might play into Trump’s expressed desire to work with Russia would give anybody like him pause.

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canada goose clearance sale To build the wall,” Pea Nieto said in a televised speech Wednesday night. “I have said time and again, Mexico will not pay for any wall.”Former officials and top Mexican politicians across the political spectrum demanded that Pea Nieto cancel his visit with Trump after what many considered a slap in the face. The Mexican news media was reporting Wednesday afternoon that Pea Nieto would indeed cancel, but spokesmen for the president’s office and the Foreign Ministry would not immediately confirm that.”The welcome that the Mexican government envoys are receiving is slamming the door ontheir noses,” Cuauhtmoc Crdenas, a former presidential candidate, said in a statement canada goose clearance sale.

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