Public defenders say they don’t have the resources to handle

When Billy Ray Cyrus decided join Lil Nas X on his hit single “Old Town Road, ” the country star said the hip hop artist was a “light in this world. ” While the song is popular all across the United States, Lil Nas X brought that light to one person in particular: A mom from Minnesota says “Old Town Road ” helped her 4 year old son with nonverbal autism find his voice. “‘Old Town Road’ done shined a spotlight on my son, ” Sheletta Brundidge tweeted about her son, Daniel.

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Jailed suspects call to get their court dates and to see a lawyer. But for those accused of the most serious of crimes, there will be no visit from an attorney; no help in negotiating a bond; no investigation into their alleged offense. Public defenders say they don’t have the resources to handle the city’s indigent caseload after a million dollar budget shortfall.. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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