NPR producer Emily Ochsenschlager bought one for her fiance

And now a page from our Sunday Morning Almanac, July 17th, 1941, 75 years ago today. Indians third baseman Ken Keltner snatched a hit from him not once, but TWICE, as DiMaggio would remember in 1991: “I came up the second time, it was a carbon copy you couldn’t see two balls hit alike. He did the same thing, backhanded, straightened up.

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canada goose uk shop Of course, I had never set eyes on the old fellow before now. Never done anything to him, bad or good. Yet, he was perfectly fiendish. In the gift shop at the tomb, shelves hold decorative volumes of poetry by Hafez. NPR producer Emily Ochsenschlager bought one for her fiance. And on the shelf, we noticed a detail that suggests the poet’s immense role in Iranian life. canada goose uk shop

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