It still uses more realistic light shaders

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best hermes replica But they would need to find a good way to add it to the gameworld in a way that makes sense, and combating them would need some mechanic where it makes sense for them fighting on the ground and never using their wings.I don mind replica hermes tray phases, but I get annoyed with pauses. Here I am with my flasks chugged, charges charged, “recently” buffs active, other stacks built up, and then an Elder Guardian stops taking damage Elder takes a couple of seconds to initiate the teleport on the guardian, then myself, and by the time I back to dealing DPS, I have only half of it left.Some builds are impacted by this more than others, but I notice myself steering away from builds that rely heavily on flasks or other timed/temporary buffs.I definitely feel like items are a pretty weak point in a lot of games over the last 4 to 6 years or so. Also curious how item design contrasts between games with different levels of permanence/investment such as say a persistent MMO like WoW where I played the replica hermes throw same character for 10 years and something like PoE where individual characters are less important to me.For example I find myself very dissatisfied and frustrated with the item/gear progression in WoW with things like titanforging (chance for an item to be a more powerful version / higher item level) and RNG layers. best hermes replica

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